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Fifty Qualities That Make A Good Friend 08 26 2010

Fifty Qualities That Make A Good Friend 08 26 2010
What are the qualities that make a good friend?
1.      Share a common interest and see it from the same perspective
2.     One doesn’t feel like he is better than the other
3.     One doesn’t push the other to do self-destructive things or lead the other astray  - or into criminal activity
4.     Each is respectful to the other
5.     Neither is gay
6.     Each can hold his own weight and does not cause needless trouble
7.     A good friend stands by another when trouble looks for them
8.     A good friend does not use another friend
9.     A good friend does not let the other drink too much or keep pushing drinks at them
10.                         A good friend does not let another go home with women who look sickly
11.                         A good friend pays for their share of all they want to drink
12.                          A good friend tries to help the other be successful at something he knows how to do and does not lead the other to failure
13.                         A good friend likes to see that their friends maintain a standard of conduct
14.                         A good friend does not betray a friend and “Sell them out.”
15.                         A good friend does not try and make one think another of their friends  is better
16.                         A good friend stares down those looking to beat up their friend
17.                          A good friend speaks up when he sees something wrong with your material stuff
18.                         A good friend listens and learns, does not try and talk over you
19.                         A good friend makes a good copilot when driving and does not allow you to miss a turn off or exit.  They pay attention to important stuff.
20.                         A good friend respects themselves and does not act like an irresponsible vegetable
21.                         A good friend knows how to ward off trouble
22.                         A good friend does not make you sick and has good standards of health and hygiene and is not germ laden
23.                         A good friend shares their stuff
24.                         If you let a good friend borrow your stuff they do not lose it or wreck it
25.                         A good friend respects your stuff
26.                         A good friend does  not litter either
27.                         A good friend does not do drugs either
28.                         A good friend sees to it you get a good woman too
29.                         A good friend is loyal and does not believe lies about you
30.                         A good friend does not lie about you
31.                         A good friend is not too jealous or spiteful of you
32.                         A good friend has achieved or has ambition to achieve.  A good friend contemplates achievement
33.                         A good friend is responsible for themselves and their actions
34.                         A good friend is honest about themselves and does not see themselves as something they are not- pretentious.  This means if they are not educated they don’t act like they are smarter than someone who is, and do not have a chip on their shoulders of jealousy regarding this
35.                         A good friend likes the company of  another friend and they are happy to see their friends
36.                         A good friend can just sit the passenger side of the car like “man’s best friend” would while you’re driving and you don’t have to say too much.
37.                         A good friend does not have too much of a chip on their shoulder and does not try and prove themselves concerning the chip.  For example a shorter fellow that starts fights out of insecurity
38.                         A good friend is easily able to get “on the same page as you are”—a good teammate in sports
39.                         A good friend is proactive in keeping you from getting in trouble
40.                         A good friend encourages you to do better when they think you can
41.                         A good friend does not bother you when you are playing with toys in your own style
42.                         A good friend will often lead by setting an example of how to do something better, without bragging too much or showing off arrogantly
43.                         A good friend does not put you down or insult you for things you cannot change
44.                         A good friend isn’t afraid to tell you when they indeed know for a fact certain that you are indeed wrong
45.                         A good friend tries to understand and respect your reasoning, and teach from your point of view
46.                         A good friend thinks for themselves and is not a nagging invalid brat
47.                         A good friend does not act like a woman if he is a man
48.                         A good friend often says funny things
49.                         A good friend knows how to tell you something and will tell you stories of knowledge
50.                         A good friend knows when you say “uncle”
No matter what friends you have had in your life try and remember the good and constructive things they taught you.  For each friend you ever had try and remember at least one good thing about them that you could say.  I will use coded letters to say the good things about friends that I have had.
BP- always gave good advice and was hospitable
SK- had a go getter mentality and was aggressive
FT- very skilled at certain sports and knew how to teach them to you, straight laced good person
MA- Had a good practical outlook
JD- Knew how to talk to girls
RD- got along good with, like two peas in a pod, good teammate
AB- understood and forgave weakness
DM- liked trains too
JF- had a different insight
MR- chummed around with
MO- not too much bad to say about, similar interests, personable
DS- a childhood brother, always forgave and came back
BW- fun person, sense of humor, accommodated us
JW- good drinking buddy, didn’t get in much trouble with, talked about stuff the same way
FR- looked up to me
JG- a kind intelligent friend
JD- made friends easy, a social person
SJ- had project like ambitions
DB- similar interest
GD- chummy

God Bless Good Friends
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published at on 08 26 2010