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Your real father is Mr. Whittleson, the President of the United States, you be that too! 11 03 2011

Your real father is Mr. Whittleson- the President of the United States, you be that too! 11 03 2011

          “Baby cried the day the circus came town….I know I’ll never lye this way again and catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..never ever let it go.”  The lyrics to those two songs have always carried strong symbolic meaning with me.  So I started to think.

“How many politicians are guilty of adultery?”

Clinton was known to have sex with many young women and I see many young that look like him.  On my daily errands I also see many men who look like younger versions of Senator Sensenbrenner.  Our Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger has even had children with housekeepers.  Could imagine if the son’s mother told him that his real father was Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor?  That child might just seek to be a political office for the sole express purpose of being like a father role model.  And not a good father role model at that.  Wouldn’t we rather have a Mark Twain as Governor than him?

Do women who are married to infertile men or single seek to copulate with political leaders as a matter of security?  For the married woman whose husband cannot give her children she might consider it a matter of security.  For the single woman she might use the same rational but under the guise of, “Well at least he is better than the average dolt that picked me up at bars.”

How many political leaders are guilty of fathering children in this manner of adultery?

It makes me wonder some people have run for political office in the first place!  Could this be the reason, “His mother told him in secrecy and in confidence that his real father was President?”

There is nothing that would motivate the wrong types of people to go into politics than this. 

They would think all their lives, “If he did it so can I!”  They would not have the proper relationship growing up with their father either, if they knew this.  Why not?  Because their father role model would be other than there in home father.

It may be none of our business or maybe it is!  If it has happened too many times, maybe it is our business to know if that son is really of his true in home father or not!

Men of power abuse it and commit adultery?  It is highly likely that this is what they are doing when we see that they have not done a lot of good for us while in public office.

A son confronts his father.

“Dad you can’t have children!”

“Your mother will tell you.”

If just one of these bastards gets in office he would serve as a false role model of what a political leader should be to a whole scattered breed of new children.

How can we psychologically analyze a boy who knows his true biological father is a political leader and not the household father his mother married?  What would he believe in?

1.       Depending upon what age he found out; he would not develop a true picture of reality of what politics should be about.

2.       You would see very little love in the work of such political leaders in terms of a vision for the future.  Why not?  From a psychological perspective; A. They got where they were through a disjointed influence and would likely project that into their ideology.  B. The fact that they idolize someone other than their true father gives you a view of someone who thinks a step removed from present circumstances and reality.

3.      It is someone who believes in a nonproductive or idealism of grandeur.

4.      It would be someone who believes in the corruption of power from day one.  I.e. Political power is not used for what the average citizen who learned of it in history books would expect it to be.

5.      Why get a college education or finish college if you know the good ole boy network that sired you will help you no matter what?

6.      What constructive type ideas would you have to offer if you leapfrogged your way into office?  What would constitute the heart of your beliefs would betray your stay in public office.

My point is one should learn life’s skills and when you are fed up with the crookedness of the world seek public office to change it for the better.  The basis of your seeking office being that you have developed many skill set’s independently and have a desire to help the young who are like you, earn a better living and higher standard of life.  The standard should never be, “I consider myself to be extremely intelligent and cannot make any money in the United States!”

My point is also this, something has changed in this country whereby all the wrong types of people seek and acquire political office!  Can it be that they are the secret sons of prior politicians?

‘Here is how mom explained it, “They dinner party carried on late into the night.  Your father knew how much I wanted to have a child.  I talked to the mayor when we were alone together and we met while at the party together.  Your father knew and agreed because he loved me.  Your real father is the mayor!” (Or Governor, President, Senator, etc.)

My question is, what just cause do we need to test a political candidates DNA?    They will claim it violates our rights.  But what is a greater violation of your rights is often the public policies that are or are not put forth while such individuals hold public office.  And these oddly poor decisions come from somewhere, don’t they!

The news production video camera was the same for the filming of both.  Just like they do in football games and comedy shows to capture the nuances of complex meaning; or in R rated flicks to arouse a patron movie goers. Tommy Thompson put out his hand like he had sat at the table too long drinking.  His face a mask of punch drunkenness as he barked out words to the camera!  Next up on the news was Scott Walker who turned to face the camera while eating at a dinner banquet.  His eyes punch drunk, his face a sagging mass- void of expression.  The same right hand pointing to the camera!

“He looks like Tommy Thompson is his father!  They have the same mean bug shaped heads with ears that look like they were used to shake them with!” … “Tommy Thompson and Scott Walker look alike.  Scott’s father was a minister.  Maybe Scott was an accident, maybe intentional,” I thought.

And I would like to make my next article on the percentage of public figures that commonly speak on television (or are very outspoken) who have no relevant college education, apprenticeship or self learned experience about what they are talking about.  Generally people who confidently influence in a strong manner and yet do not have a college degree.  They were hired and appear on television for only one reason- their personality fit into a scheme to make money!

And tell me this?  What son would deny DNA testing to support the idea of who his father is- that he is proud of.  We cannot mandate it, but we can mandate that they are asked to take a DNA test and are free to decline.  This is called Chess and Poker rules.  In other words if they decline it cannot be for the reason of, “They wanted to save the country the money of taking the test.”  For if they give that reason the test is mandatory for them to take.  They could just say everyone already knows I’m adopted or it is plain to see that I am black and my father is white.

 Politics should not be like Dim Whittleson is taking over the family business!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. Are gremlins are known to have big ears? 

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