Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Painful Childbirth

The Painful Childbirth 07 07 2010

Does the pain of childbirth lead to responsible parenting as opposed to a child that is adopted?

I would have to say, yes. As mothers that have children they gave birth to always take the pain of birthing them into consideration when determining what is in the child’s best interest. When a mother thinks of children are her thoughts linked to the pain of its birth, or the baby’s painful inception in her memory and therefore more her relationship is closer to the child. Can it be said closer relationship to the child or identification with them lead to better upbringing of the child.

For example, would a mother by way of natural childbirth be less protective of her children? Would that lead to greater independence and therefore the development of greater character and integrity than a mother that does not feel as close a relationship or IDENTIFICATION with the child? How does a mother relate to a child she maintains she has a distant responsibility for?

Does a mother that could not have children idolize the ones she adopted? Idolize, meaning spoiling with attention to the point that it sickens the child and those the child then identifies with? Are there some mothers that feel their naturally born children are not indeed their responsibility? It is a form of abuse to deny children are your personal responsibility and accuse someone else for your actions with regard to this that violate the rights of others. It is also a sign that you lack the intelligence or understanding to teach and raise children yourself.

Are women that abuse their bodies through some forms of disrespect for themselves, forms of disrespect such as, but not limited to promiscuity, sometimes unable to have children because of this? What respect would they have for children they then adopt? Do women that are unable to have children or do not identify with their children, externalize the blame and therefore responsibility for them in a generalized or specific psychosis directed at others.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

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