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Responsible Parenting and Maturation (another Socratic essay) 07 10 2010

Responsible Parenting and Maturation (another Socratic essay) 07 10 2010

Part I “Where the hell did she come from!”

“Would one man change the world slowly and destroy it to feed and maintain a negative self image his wife has of herself?” How far will men go to maintain a wife’s delusion of self? Are men there men that are this insecure? Yes. And are they married to women who never would listen in order to learn? Is happiness in a woman always defined by comparison? Comparison of herself to other women? Is that indeed the true nature of a gatherer?

Part II “Responsible Parenting”

Why aren’t they raised to take pride in little steps of accomplishment? They were never taught patience? Patience is taught by using the word and the meaning of the word “No” and making certain that it has been obeyed.

A child will go to great lengths not to realize the importance of others or respect them. Often when told something they talk right over what they were told. Listening to someone else would defeat their power of ignorance. In effect they deny the significance of others.

Often a child will hear grownups talking and not understand the conversation. Tell the child that people talk about things they know. Things they know are knowledge. People talk about events or happenings. And people talk about people, hopefully they say good things. A young child often feels like they are not part of a group because they do not understand the conversation. This is the time they should be patient as most things adults talk about are not relevant to the world of a child. Children learn over time.

Teaching why we say no requires the patience of intellect and this requires development of intellect in oneself. First you must be what you try and teach.

How do we reinforce the word “no”? A time out period or similar type of period or convention is required. The length of the period set and maintained. But the goal is for you to realize your child has learned, and sincerely realizes why what it did was wrong. Has the child thought enough to form its own memory? Without memory formation there is no learning.

Memories are solidified by asking the question back to the one taught after a certain length of time. (When learning for yourself, do this also.) The time lag should not be longer than the interval you dad come to expect the behavior to be repeated at.

If the undesirable behavior occurs again first the learning process has been subverted.

Understanding requires more than echolalia repeating back to you what was said to them. It requires conceptual formations that support it. And this is indeed the basis for greater learning and intelligence. Positive, constructive, productive thoughts link together forming an often coveted ladder-work of knowledge.

Part III “Guise and Posturing in Parenting”

I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s to “BRAT” for me. Do we do something because it is a good thing to do? Or do we do it to put on a show in public. Is a women more concerned with being well dressed and how she looks rather than having a substance of good nature and therefore self. Can a form of immaturity and disrespect to the teacher actually be considered the best form of flattery to the teacher such person, a black hearted person of envy, is capable of? I have found that whenever someone puts on a show to try and impress in such fashion as is consistent with this paragraph accidents are likely to happen. Such as when parents are disciplining their children in public? Is the desired effect achieved by this or is this more a cry for help and understanding put forth by a frustrated parent? Does humiliation in public have its limitations in terms of effectiveness, if it is to be considered effective at all in some forms? What kind of a public are we trying to create?

Part IV “The UNDESIRABLE Consequences of Her”

And by all means give credit where credit is due as anything else is destructive, for when demand exceeds resources, thievery, famine and plague result.

Was this essay based on the question, “Where the hell did she come from?” Indisputably it was.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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