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Two Siblings in One

Two Siblings in One 07 07 2010

Is there genetic testing to see if a child or person was born of a brother and sisters who were of same parents?

Can a child who is an inbred be termed “Two Siblings in One”? For the convention of this essay I will posture as such. As two siblings in one is such a human being in constant internal struggle with him/herself?

Would a two siblings in one person project this internal struggle outwards? Would this behavior be unfair towards others in its peer group? If children were secretly raised to be inbreeds, or two siblings in one, would they pose an unfair advantage to other society members as they externalize their internal struggles with little regard for others? How can a person who is two siblings in one have a discreet conscious? If a person does not have a discreet conscious, can they be reliable, can you trust them? Can they reach agreements internally as to what is right from wrong?

If such a preposterous construct were ever the case and a child was adopted, would we ever know? Is there a way we could test for this?

Some of us don’t need a test to tell and see when the head of the hydra is near. Some of us can feel the approach of a Medusa, look and then see her. Over time, the creeping eeriness of “Something wicked this way comes” does lesson a little.

Two fighting siblings in one! Is it highly likely that a two siblings in one child is more disturbed? Is one of these siblings always trying to get out or escape only to be in effect “sent back” or pulled back because like a tether made of rubber there is only one place for it to end up? Unless the tether breaks. What would a person as two siblings in one have to do in order to break the rubber tether? What does a two sibling in one person break all throughout their live in their drive to do this?

When a brother and sister are uglier than wet rabid dogs are they more likely to be incestuous?

I am not saying anything bad about hyperactive or attention deficit children, just wondering where they come from. Why are they this way?

I often pose questions through the Socratic Method of teaching to myself, in order to set a basis or framework of premises for understanding. A framework of solid premises is the basis of true intelligence and responsibility. Sometimes I indeed know a premise is true even though I will never be able to prove it, and therefore I set old Socrates to get working for me. I invite you to do the same, but I will not afford you the luxury that you assume your premises are true, only I can do this, because I thought of it first and have carved the decree into a tablet of stone right here and now.

The pressure inside the head of an inbred, from those two siblings fighting must terribly afflict them or cause suffering in them. A suffering they often project outward unto the world.

I remember a person I admire telling me the meanest and most sickening thing he ever saw was a group of boys fill a glass jar full with live garden snakes, put its lid on tight and boil it in water. Then watch them squirm around frantically before they die. If the scene I described does not sicken you as it did me when I heard it what does that say about you. Jesus Christ could see when Satan entered a person. If you feel you identify with the one who closed the lid on the jar, pray that he leaves you. If you identify with the snakes in the jar is it because of their suffering and struggle or because they are snakes like you that should not be placed in a jar and boiled to death. Now I could go on and on by thinking of different ways you might identify with the emotion you felt as you read the story, but what was your reaction? It sickened me that someone would enjoy watching something struggle and die like this. I can only rationalize that they feel someone treats them in this fashion in life or that they are just plain evil. There is more hope for humanity if the former is true. Because if the former is true people can make a positive difference in our world to see that it is better or attempt create a framework for a better future for us. Frameworks once built are always subject to sabotage and neglect, disrespect and intentional abuse by those who do not feel they fit in with the framework. The challenge for humanity is that it must always accommodate for those new to the world so that the frameworks can be reinforced or new frameworks built take into account change. And my analogy comes from people dropping heavy dumbbells at the gym and not one of building more and more prisons that are safer and more captive as some have professed. To the contrary a framework of society that needs less prison is what we should strive for. This framework would have to be based on equality, respect and fairness.

I have come to realize that those who like to slight me hate to be watched by me.

Quantum physics teaches us the observer and the observed are one. Can observing then be said to be either disturbing or augmenting. Is the direction or outcome of observance based on intent? It is often more of a surprise to the observer. And if somebody does not like to be observed because it disturbs them, I respect that and do not observe them.

Seeing someone observing or peeking at you often is a form of enlightenment.

God Bless Those Who Are Enlightened

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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